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Tips for Better Direct Mail Response

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While many businesses use direct mailing to target potential clients not everyone does it correctly. Simply mailing off a thousand postcards or flyers with no real plan or strategy is most likely a waste of time. If you’re a realtor interested in selling a condo in a big city it doesn’t make much sense to have your mailers going to suburban neighborhoods and retirement facilities. The goal of a direct mail campaign is to target a market that will generate a response and if you don’t carefully form your list from the latest consumer data you could be wasting a lot of time and effort.

No matter how well designed or captivating your postcards are nothing will happen if the mailers aren’t reaching the right people. The same way it wouldn’t make sense to advertise retirement planning on a cartoon network it doesn’t do your campaign any good to have postcards, brochures and flyers reaching people who aren’t likely to need your product or service. Knowing your target audience is easy, reaching them is another matter. Before you begin any type of direct mail campaign spend time carefully researching demographics and target areas to ensure your marketing materials are going to the people who are most likely to respond.

There are many services out there that specialize in creating target lists for direct mailing campaigns that can make your life a lot easier. You may have a direct mail campaign that targets a specific gender, income group or profession and being able to break down mailing lists by these key factors will greatly improve the response your campaign gets. If you’re a realtor selling a multi-million dollar beachfront home you know there are only a handful of people who can afford such a place and finding these people requires careful research so you identify specific households with the annual income to afford an expensive luxury home.

In addition to finding the right audience for what you’re selling, you also need to design direct mail materials that will speak to your target market. Matching images and graphics with appropriate age groups and income brackets will make a big difference in how successful your campaign is. Knowing how to craft your postcards and brochures with colors and graphics that appeal to certain markets is a skill that takes time to acquire but many printing companies can tell you ahead of time what look works with specific audiences. When you plan your next direct mailing campaign pay careful attention to your target market and the presentation of your message to fine tune your efforts so you get the best response for your investment.

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Direct Marketing Companies – The Best Way To Reach Your Target Market

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Due to their unrivaled success, there is now a worldwide demand among business owners for direct marketing companies. This is a type of advertising that takes a more direct approach, and it is actually highly effective when it comes to being able to reach the people in your target market.

You will find this type of marketing to be especially valuable if you are the owner of a small business. This is because of the fact that this type of marketing is the most cost effective out of all of them. However, there are also a lot of huge corporations that take advantage of direct marketing to skyrocket their sales. It is just that in most cases a smaller business will also have a smaller budget with which they can work with. This is why it is a great advantage to utilize the cost effective strategies of direct marketing and the companies who specialize in this type of a campaign. Keep in mind that even though this is a very inexpensive way of doing things, it is also by far the most effective way to reach consumers. So it really is a win-win situation.

When it comes to choosing direct marketing companies, you will want to make sure that you have considered all of the necessary components. First of all, there are several different ways to advertise with this type of a campaign, so you will have to determine which way will be the most suitable for the unique needs of your own business. The only way to properly determine this is by considering who your target market is.

You will need to consider what kind of people are going to be the most likely to be interested in what you have to offer. Remember that it will not do you any good to get a large amount of leads if they are not the kind of leads that will end up converting into paying customers. This is why it is so important to get quality leads rather than worrying so much about the quantity. After you have been successful at determining who it is that you are really going to need to reach, it will soon become clear which method will be the most effective for directly reaching them.

Remember that it should always be your ultimate goal to build an awareness of your products, along with brand recognition. In this sense, you may find it very useful to enlist the help of one of the companies that actually specializes in direct marketing. It takes a lot of experience to truly understand what works and what will ultimately fail. Rather than trying to gain this amount of experience on your own, you may want to take advantage of someone else’s experience. Look for a company that has the kind of experience that will be necessary to bring you to your desired level of success. The greatest aspect of using direct marketing companies is that they can bring you results in a very cost effective manner!

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Nielsen Media Company’s Research Gives Insights into Mobile Marketing

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Although many people are beginning to notice mobile marketing campaigns, the question is, to what extent? The Nielsen Media Company began answering that question with their latest research and the results are good for mobile marketing entrepreneurs. Nielsen reports that twenty-three percent (58 million users) of U.S. mobile subscribers have “been exposed to advertising on their phones in the past 30 days” ( Half of these people who recalled seeing an advertisement on their mobile phone said they responded to the ad in one way or another.

Through further research, Nielsen also shed light on which segments of the population were most likely to respond to mobile marketing. Age wise, teenagers represented the largest sector that recalled a mobile advertisement whereas Asian Americans and African Americans constituted the highest percentage when looking at racial demographics. In each of these groups, 40-46% of the people surveyed recalled seeing a mobile ad in the last 30 days. Additionally, Nielsen found that SMS text messaging was the most popular response method followed by “click-to-call.”

So what does all this mean? For the mobile marketing community it signals the growing success of this new industry. The Nielsen Media Company’s data verifies mobile marketing as a genuine advertising vehicle that has endured substantial growth in a short period of time. As the data indicates, people are embracing this new technology, revealing how important mobile marketing has become. Not only are people noticing mobile ad campaigns, they are also interacting with them, something no other marketing outlet can trigger on such a large scale. As more and more companies and brands embrace mobile marketing strategies, the number of mobile users who interact with these campaigns is sure to increase accordingly. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled and watching as mobile marketing takes the world by storm.

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Network Marketing – Friendship Or Competition?

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A question recently came to me asking how to make the choice between friendship and competition. What do you do if a local friend comes to you wanting to join the company? The person who asked the question wondered how local competition from a friend would affect the two businesses.

My best answer to this is to share a personal story. A friend of mine joined my team many years ago. My relationship with that company ended and the day I signed with a new company this friend signed on with me. Both of us were excited for the new partnership.

Why were we both happy for the new business relationship? We knew that the potential for us each to succeed existed.

She was benefiting because she had me here locally to support her business. I was benefiting because she was able to reach people who might otherwise have not bought products from me.

A lot of selling is the salesperson. We make purchases from those we know, like and trust. The town I live in is about 100,000 people. There is no way for me to know each family here in town. Of all of the families I do know, they are not all going to buy products from me. Having someone else here in town who sells the products helps both of us. We are both able to reach potential customers that the other does not know. We both market differently.

Even in a small town, there is no way that one salesperson can cover the entire town. I’ve seen plenty of smaller towns that have two grocery stores, two realtors etc. Again, we do business with those we know, like and trust. I know plenty of people who will drive an hour for a haircut, for a doctor or even to buy a specific product from a shop they know, like and trust. In a small town, step outside of the town. Start networking with the networks of those you know. Offer those you know an incentive to bring you customers from other towns.

I’ve heard people say “oh, there’s a distributor for such and such company on every corner.” Yet, I find people in that town who are looking for someone to buy those very products from.

Unless each family in the town is being serviced, there is room for growth. Don’t say no to a new recruit because you’re concerned about competition. Instead say yes and watch your business grow.

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Contractor Marketing 101: How YOU Can Find New Customers Online

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When it comes to contractor marketing, finding new customers online is the fastest way to target potential clients and grow your business. However, not everyone is skilled in the field of internet marketing. You can try out different ways to attract customers online such as with ads on Google or niche websites. But in reality, this is something best left to the professionals who “live and breathe” search engine optimization and online marketing.Trying to create profitable ads online could take a couple of months or may be even a year to figure out. If you fail to find the right way on your own, you will need to hire an expert. This gets very expensive and you could lose money in the process. Experts will save you a huge amount of precious time, but you will need a substantial budget to do so.So why not start with a simpler, more-effective, and more practical solution?The absolute best way to find new customers is to use modern technology and proven print advertising strategies. For small business owners, nothing is more powerful than direct mail advertising. Popular new programs from the USPS such as the Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service, make delivering huge full-color ads to specific neighborhoods a breeze. Even better, you can target your mailing areas online, with a few simple slicks of your mouse.By using new online mapping technologies, you can enter your street address or Zip Code, and then review a map of your area that displays the associated postal routes. From there, all you have to do is select the routes you wish to mail your ads to. It’s almost too easy!When it comes to contractor marketing, you need to generate fast response while maximizing your ROI. By targeting specific areas, and mailing laser-focused advertisements (flyers, brochures, or postcards), you can generate a huge response, literally overnight. This is the best way to generate revenue and keep your crew at work.In the past, finding prospective customers online was not an easy task. It required a lot of patience and dedication along with expert-level knowledge of internet marketing techniques. But if you start to leverage modern technology with tried and tested direct mail campaigns, you will save yourself a great deal of time, money, and anxiety.In short, modern technology has made finding new customers online as easy as “pointing & clicking” anywhere in the US.To get started, look at contractor direct mail options in your area.Use the free tools available on the internet to your advantage, and your competitors will be run out of town. Get started today!

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5 Powerful Tips To Beat The Biggest Problem ALL Marketers Face

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I bet you can’t tell me… the single biggest problem facing Every Direct Marketer, new and old.

It’s not generating traffic, nor building an O’pt-In list, nor is it finding products to market and it’s not a lack of Cash.

You can buy traffic, you can buy O’pt-In list members, you can make or buy products and you can even borrow Cash.

The biggest single problem for any Direct Marketer is How To Earn Your Prospect’s Trust.

Learn how to earn AND keep trust and you open up huge new Marketing possibilities.

Too many salespeople of doubtful credentials, and too many adverts promising so much and delivering so little have hardened consumers, they no longer trust Marketers and Marketing claims without a great deal of convincing.

So how exactly do you turn a skeptic into a believer ?

Tip #1 – Make Your First Contact Count

Your initial point of contact with prospects is typically

* An advert, in a PPC, a banner exchange, a classified or solo campaign

* An entry in a Search Engine directory,

* Or an article you have written.

Unfortunate as it may be, people do judge others by first contact. If your initial impression of someone is poor, chances are that you will not give them a second look, be it in business or your personal affairs.

Make sure your initial point of contact with all prospects is to your advantage.

This does NOT mean expensive, glitzy or superficial.

It means make your initial contact Sincere.

Keep that one word in mind as you design all your sales and marketing strategies and your Initial Contacts will always be positive.

Tip #2 – Products, Pricing, Promises and Personality

Sincerity in your contacts with prospects comes from applying the (modified) 4 p’s of marketing.

* Products

Market the best products you can and never settle for second best. Add value and benefit to your prospect with quality merchandise. Resist the temptation to market “Cost Cutting” alternatives that are in fact more expensive due to their poorer real value.

* Pricing

Price your merchandise at a fair value for the producer, the consumer and the marketer. Over pricing your products is a self defeating tactic because prospects learn to avoid your pitch and with over high pricing you invite competition to under cut your cost and price base.

* Promises

Your sales literature and copy must be accurate and reflect the true benefits of your products and services. This does not mean you should be unduly modest, by all means make big claims, but make sure you can prove and demonstrate anything you promise.

Remember, in this context, any guarantee you give must be more solid than any Banks Vaults and worth as much as the contents of Fort Knox

* Personality

Inject your personality into your contact with prospects.

People love to do business with people they know. Avoid doing things you feel uncomfortable with, but do tell people about yourself, your failures, your wins, your hopes and your fears. Be the human face of you business and build a sincere relationship with prospects.

Tip #3 – Communication

When you get past the initial contact, the next hurdle in building trust is communication with your prospects.

There are several ways to do this

* A sequential autoresponder with relevant messages sent to your O’pt-In prospects at regular AND frequent intervals.

* An e-zine sent out to subscribers with useful information and not just an excuse for another advert.

* Articles showing your prospects how YOU manage your business and personal tasks, tactics and strategies.

Communication is two way traffic. Ask your prospects for input into your professional relationship and how they think you can improve it. Listen to your prospects.

Tip #4 – Credibility

Prospects always seek comfort that they are doing the right thing.

It pays to use “borrowed” credibility if you are not a world recognised expert in your field. This is where testimonials enter the picture.

Here are a few ways in which you can obtain testimonials and build credibility with a new product or service :

* Give a few samples away to a test group in return for the testimonial

* Use functionally disabled or time barred samples as demo versions which you can give away to prospects

* Develop fully functional modules with less features than the standard product and give those away to prospects.

* Develop e-courses and other training programs showing prospects the benefits and training them in how to use and consume your products and services.

Tip #5 – Service

Your prospect’s Trust is very hard earned. But this is as nothing when compared to retaining their Trust.

Once a prospect becomes a customer, too many marketers make the fatal mistake of taking that customer for granted.

Post sales service is a crunch time for cementing the Trust you have managed to win with such effort.

Make sure you stay in touch with your new customer. Offer them advice and help in the use of their new product or service. Make sure any potential issues are dealt with before they escalate.

Be available and within easy contact for your customers and prospects.

Relevant Resources


As a direct marketer you can buy traffic, you can buy O’pt-In list members, you can make or buy products and you can even borrow Cash.

You cannot manufacture or in any way manipulate trust – Trust is the one thing in your business that must be earned the Hard Way.

Be sincere, do the right things as shown here and build trust with your prospects.

(c) 2004 Charles Kangethe

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Direct Marketing: Is There Any Proof of Its Effectiveness?

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Customers are the blood and veins of every business. Without them you will not exist. The challenge of every business owners is on how they will increase the number of their customers and gain the loyalty of the existing ones. There is a way to do these things. You just need time, dedication, and goal to succeed in direct marketing. One way of achieving success is, knowing your customers well. As much as possible try to know the names of your customers, addresses, marital status, special preferences, and many other important details that are helpful. After knowing all of this information, segregate them into groups and start launching your campaign.Though there are still business owners who doubt the effectiveness of having direct mail campaigns, below are statistics that can prove them wrong.As stated in the Postal and Email Marketing Report done by Direct Marketing Association (DMA) in 2005:1. Direct marketers realized that by using postal mailings, it made an increase of their up-front gross response rate from the year 2002 to 2003 by 43 %2. During 2004, postal mailings helped in having a stable response rate of 32% and a projected response rate of 51%3. IN 2003, a list of techniques for postal mailers was introduced to improve front-end response. These techniques were internal house file database (50%), segmentation of location (50%), and prior mail history analysis (46%). A tremendous 80% or higher success rate on almost all techniques was made known.2004 E-commerce Report from Direct Marketing Association (DMA):1. A 74% to 85% increase to those companies who have used an in-house email marketing.2. In the year 2002 only 35% were allocated for web and email marketing investment compared to the 43% in the year 2004.Almost everyday top calibers in the direct marketing industry create, analyze, and develop new ideas and strategies on how to have a successful direct mail campaign. They also create database list and direct mail advertisement in accordance to the needs of a selected group of prospect clients. They had made history and did create a record of 70% accuracy most of the time.So basing on these statistics, though a bit old, are you now more convinced that direct mail marketing actually works. History has witnessed how it helped businesses soar great heights. Do you want to be a part of that history too?

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B2B Marketing Health and Elder Care Services

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Quality Care Options is an established company advocating for the right of all seniors to receive excellent service and product. The organization recommends Certified Senior Approved Services to its elderly clientele.Through its highly visible web sites and monthly ezines, Quality Care Options (QCO) attracts both the senior and the businesses that serve the senior population.Barbara Mascio, Founder of QCO, has been inundated with requests from healthcare businesses for recommendations towards resources that would further promote an elder or healthcare related business.These requests include; ‘Who should I call for the best liability insurance coverage?’ ‘Who do you recommend as a resource for market analysis?’ ‘How do I start an elder care business?’ and even ‘Who can handle our maintenance and lawn care?’”Every business serving our senior population needs resources towards recruitment, security checks, lead generation and advice on marketing how-to’s and so we’ve provided a very affordable method for businesses offering these products, services and resources to reach our web site visitors”, states Barbara.Not all advertising will be accepted. You must first submit your banner or text by following the guidelines found on []Speakers and professional networking groups are offered special low rates of just $10 per month for an ad with a hyperlink to their web. Businesses to Business advertising can be purchased for as little as $20 a month. “We’re not trying to make a living from advertising revenue, that’s not what this is all about, states Barbara. We simply want to cover the administrative costs and provide our web visitors the resources they need to further grow their business.”For businesses marketing directly to the senior citizen, please see [] to review how to apply for Senior Approved Certification as no advertising is accepted for this segment of our business.Advertising on the Internet can be a crapshoot. You should do your homework before spending any amount of money. Does the web site have enough unique visitors each day interested in the service you offer? One site to check traffic stats on line is Simply enter the url address of any web site to review certified traffic results. Obviously, you want a site to have higher web traffic than your own, or at the very least, equal to your traffic.

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What is Network Marketing? – Part 1 of 2

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I recently posted an article titled “why not network marketing” in that article I demonstrated some misconceptions about network marketing. The truth is most of the general public has only heard the term network marketing in passing and actually knows very little if nothing about the network marketing industry or the opportunities of network marketing. I am writing these articles to clear the fog so to speak most of the information out there is hearsay or things people just simply made up. Will Rogers once said “it’s not wont you don’t know it’s what you do know that just ain’t so” meaning that most of the information transmitted from person to person is assumed to be true when in fact most of that information is made up. I am not going to address this from the point of misconceptions that would take up volumes and you probably don’t have all day to read about things that are not true. Instead I am going to address the facts about network marketing directly which will enable you to sort out the truth.Network marketing is referred to by several terms MLM, direct marketing and network marketing are the most popular terms. By far network marketing is the most accurate term used especially today. Network marketing is exactly that marketing through a network to a network of customers. The power of the many versus the power of the few to define the word network or networking is simple it’s really nothing more than communication within a connected group of people. The ability to communicate successfully determines how successful someone will be in networking. The term communication is not just about being able to talk to people it’s about being able to transmit ideas to others. Look at what figures like Gandhi and others who were able to transmit ideas to others have accomplished. It’s important to understand that network marketing doesn’t just market physical things but ideas and services as well. The ability to transmit ideas is absolutely essential if you’re going to empower people that come into your opportunity after you do.The other word marketing is the foremost reason why most people who fail in network marketing fail. Thousands of people join network marketing opportunities but know little or even nothing about marketing. Marketing is not simply marketing your particular product or service it’s not that simple. Marketing also requires communication you cannot meet a person’s needs without first listening to what those needs are. The other communication that is needed is demonstrating a solution to a problem. Marketing is also a continual process whereby you provide a service but do so as the environment for that product changes. Marketing is an ever changing industry it’s also a billion dollar industry.The other reason most people fail in network marketing is they don’t remain focused. Most of the highly successful figures in history didn’t get lucky it took hard work and discipline to get where they did. In fact many of them became successful just beyond where they were going to give up. Think about that the next time you don’t complete a task and look at the task and ask yourself if you had remained steadfast would you have succeeded. Nothing is easy in this world especially success.The next and most possibly the most powerful reason people are successful or not. The mind set of someone is what brings about success it’s about being content with who you are within yourself first. Money is not what makes you successful it’s a byproduct of being that way. Money can’t buy happiness, happiness comes from within you. You can’t make people like you even if your rich but if you glow of happiness you become a magnet and people seek you out success comes to you. You don’t catch it.

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Direct Marketing – Some Practical Examples

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Direct Marketing, is one of the aspects of Marketing that is often misunderstood. From a practical sense I think the best way to explain what Direct Marketing is by providing examples of some of the activities that make up Direct Marketing. Like to know more? Then keep reading!Direct MailDirect mail remains, in my opinion, the most common and recognisable form of direct marketing. Direct mail is all forms of paper mail (catalogues, fliers, applications, sample products, etc.) which is mailed out (or couriered) to a list or group of possible or current consumers/clients.There are many types and examples of direct mail activity, however, it largely comes down to the type of business that is sending the mail and the target audience or end user that is receiving the item. No point sending a nappy sample via the mail to someone who has no children, for example.Many hospitality businesses thrive on sending out vouchers that are redeemable during a certain period. By way of example, Domino’s Pizza often uses their database of previous customers to send out bulk vouchers to encourage repeat customers. Myer do so to members of the Myer One program.It can be a very cost effective way to connect with new clients.Door-to-Door Leaflet MarketingThis activity is very similar to direct mail, however, the main difference is that consumers are targeted by geographic area and contractors are used to hand deliver leaflets into mail boxes rather than targeting specific people and addresses on a mailing list/database.In some cases, door-to-door leaflet marketing may actually be cheaper than direct mail as it doesn’t require purchasing stamps, establishing a database, printing of mailing labels for envelopes, etc. It is commonly known as junk mail. I know that there are catalogues that I look out for each week, and I am sure that many companies who use this method of marketing agree.TelemarketingTelemarketing requires a business to employ or contract staff to cold call a list of phone numbers and attempt to make over-the-phone deals, sales, or appointments via the phone. This activity can work in both B2C and B2B environments.Home improvement companies in industries such as carpet cleaning or pest control often use this method to reach their potential customers. I should note though that in Australia the government has now created a do not call list for private individuals who don’t wish to be contacted in this way.Therefore, from a B2C perspective, the total pool of people who can be contacted is less. However, I don’t believe the do not call register is a bad thing. People who don’t want to receive calls aren’t called and businesses don’t spend money on making calls to those individuals.Email MarketingAlthough SPAM legislation and email filtering programs have made email marketing less lucrative as it was a few years ago, this direct marketing method still remains a great way to reach consumers if you have a legitimate list of people who have opted-in to receive your emails.Many companies with club cards, such as Dymocks Booklovers Club, include a section on their application forms for email addresses. Anyone who signs up for this club or purchases a book online is then added to the address list for email marketing. This is a great way to hone in on your marketing and get the most out of your database.Broadcast FaxingBroadcast faxing has become less common than other forms of direct marketing due to the demise of the use of fax machines as more and more businesses are using mail and email for their correspondence. For example, the Next Marketing business does not have a fax line.In essence, broadcast faxing is where companies send out bulk faxes with offers or deals. It is still a popular marketing strategy for office supplies-type companies who sell generic low risk type goods. Do you use this strategy?Direct Marketing on TelevisionMore commonly known as infomercials or Direct Response Television, televised direct marketing uses advertising that runs for a prolonged period of time and offers viewers a chance to take advantage of a deal by calling a phone number at that moment.In Australia, Direct Response TV is seen on shows such as Mornings with Kerri-Anne or on Pay TV channel Danoz Direct.Do you have any methods of Direct Marketing that you use successfully in your business?

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