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Postcard Marketing – 4 Fresh Tips For the Spring Season

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Postcard marketing should never be afterthought. When planning your yearly marketing campaigns, sending direct-mail promotional postcards should be an integral part of those strategies. Not just once or twice, but all year long.

Springtime is no exception.

Come spring, every year, people are looking for a fresh start in their lives. The weather is nicer. The days are longer. Consumers and businesses alike increase their spending. If you’re not getting your business in front of those people, you run the risk of losing them to competitors.

So, what’s the best way to plan your spring postcard marketing? Here are some quick tips.

Start early. Way early. Like, last year early. If you haven’t started yet for this year, start now. Plan a series of two or three different promotional postcards, get them designed and in the mail as soon as possible.

Factor in “spring.” Use the season to your advantage. In your postcards, offer “fresh savings,” “spring sales,” “deals just in time for spring,” and so on. It not only creates urgency, but helps reinforce the seasonal associations they’re already having.

Don’t forget a promotion. They don’t call them “promotional postcards” for nothing. Offer a new seasonal deal that your customers have never seen before and can’t resist.

Get creative. Think outside the box. Maybe your postcards can include scent! Maybe they can open up and have something pop out at your customers. Direct-mail postcards don’t have to go overboard to get the response you need. But by doing something original, you’re sure to grab attention and make your brand stand out.

Start planning for summer. If you’re behind on your postcard marketing planning, might as well get to work on your summer campaign as well. Starting now will give you more time to perfect the campaign and make tweaks based on the results of your spring campaign. While you’re at it, might as well start on your fall and winter postcard marketing as well. It’s never too early.

Spring might be a few weeks away still (it’s still snowing in many places), but don’t let that hold you back. Now is the time get a fresh start on the new season!

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MLM Or Top Tier Direct Network Marketing – Part 1 of 4

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Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur by getting involved with MLM or Top Tier Direct Network Marketing?

Why is that? Why do you want to get out of your traditional day job? Why do you want out of your brick & mortar business? Without a job? Why not just find another one?

Are you finally tired of the fact that you have little to no flexibility? Hate the feeling that something owns you instead of you owning it? With the recession, you just can’t find a job paying you even close to what your last paycheck was. There is just no light ahead for many that are choosing to stay in their situation. Not willing to explore other opportunities that are considered “outside of the box”.


But that’s exactly what they are, choices. We make choices every day, even if we don’t think so, we do. We choose to get out of bed, brush our teeth, eat breakfast and do whatever means to get us a paycheck.

Some have a rude awakening at one point of their life. They realize they are just spinning their wheels. Caught up in the rat race, that really isn’t going anywhere. They have other aspirations but just can’t get their hands around it. Desires to have more for their family and want more out of life. So when does it stop, if ever?

Time To Reflect?

The time to reflect usually happens during a devastating time in life. Whether you unexpectedly get laid off from your job, your company went under and now you’re bankrupt, or maybe you lost a loved one. All of these help people take a good look in the mirror and begin to realize the importance of a quality life.

So why is it that you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur with MLM or Top Tier? Do any of these scenarios apply to you? Or are you just one of those really smart, savvy business people who get simple economics?

Now that you understand some of the reasons, people have to make more choices, like how do I market. Learn the differences in how MLM and Top Tier Direct Network Marketing build their business in part 2.

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MLM Or Top Tier Direct Network Marketing – Part 3 of 4

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Looking to become an entrepreneur and interested in MLM or Top Tier Direct Network Marketing?

Not sure what the difference is? Not sure which one is right for you?

This is part 3 of a 4 part series on MLM or Top Tier Direct Network Marketing. If this is the first one you’ve read, I invite you to view the others as well to assist you in making your decision.

Large Crowd

Multilevel marketing appeals to a very large crowd as they usually have something we could all use and anyone can do it. We need skin care, vitamins, cleaning supplies and makeup, just to name a few. So when someone is approached about the opportunity, it is usually to buy the goods versus the opportunity in of itself.

This is because if you really focus on the return on investment (ROI) in MLM, it takes a lot of people, to sell a lot of goods, to make a lot of money. So instead, they focus on how you need to buy/sell items that everyone would be buying anyway, just convince them to buy it from you versus a drug or department store. Plus when they become a consultant, they receive a discount for their products.

Once this is achieved and they see how well their sponsor does financially, they may start building a down line which is the goal for every sponsor.

Exclusive Individuals

Top Tier is a more, I guess you could say, exclusive group of individuals. It requires an application process to get started, then if accepted you are looking at a much larger investment than MLM. The people that get involved with Top Tier are usually serious about starting a very lucrative business.

Once they get their business started, their focus in building their business is not so much on the product itself. It is more about the opportunity and the money that can be made. This is not because the product itself great, and with that said, every good opportunity has a product. It is about the great return on investment. If you are searching for a lucrative business, you have to focus heavily on the ROI. After all, we don’t work for our health right?

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How to Thrive With These Direct Sales Tips

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Direct Sales Tips

15.1 Million U.S. Distributors. That is according to the DSA (Direct Sales Association). Of these people there are those who absolutely thrive in this industry and then there are those who never make a dollar.

Here, I am going to offer up 4 of the most crucial Direct Sales Tips to have you hit the ground running and be profitable FAST.

• Direct Sales Tips #1: THIS IS A BUSINESS and should be treated as such.

Look, I don’t care what opportunity you are involved in or what your product is. The number one objective is for you to move product. The beauty of this Industry is that you have the ability to make money from those on your team.

So, just like any business on the planet, you need to build a sales organization, MANAGE your team and teach them how to duplicate your business. Being a good leader will have a profound impact on your income.

It’s great if you are a producer, but if you can replicate your success through others your income will take a quantum leap. This is literally the difference between making $50k per year and $500k per year.

• Direct Sales Tips #2: Systems & Leverage. If you owned a McDonald’s, your job would be to sell as much beef, potatoes and sugar water as possible. Who do you think would do a better job:

The person who takes the order, cooks the food, serves the customer, & cleans the restaurant? Or, is it the person who hires a manager and a full staff so the place runs like a McDonald’s that you and I know?

Obviously you know it’s the second person. If this is so obvious, why do you operate your Direct Sales business like the first person?

You need to capitalize on systems that allow you to market to, sell to and recruit new distributors while you’re doing other things. A prospect should be able to go through your entire system and either qualify themselves or disqualify themselves before you ever pick up the phone.


• Direct Sales Tips #3: Leadership/Training. You and I could talk for hours about Leadership alone, but for the purposes of this discussion I’m going to relate leadership specifically to training.

You have to understand that EVERYONE who comes in to your organization is going to want your time and your knowledge. Even if that recruit is your very first recruit, YOU are the EXPERT in their eyes.

And, I’m going to tell you right now not to jump through hoops for all of your recruits and you’re going to take that advice and throw it away. I know how you feel, especially in the beginning. You feel like your entire business rises and falls with EVERY recruit that comes through your system…IT DOESN’T!

The mark of a true professional is to have automated systems set up that your recruits can go through as often as they want. Systems that cover the usual questions…what is this? How do I get started? What’s the best method? Etc, etc.

Think of yourself when you came into this industry or your particular opportunity, what questions did you have? What would have been helpful to you? Take care of all of this upfront and do it in a format that doesn’t require your time.

Something like a recorded webinar or a Camtasia presentation. Then, you can hold weekly TEAM trainings via Webinars or conference calls that cover BUSINESS related issues (Marketing, Advertising, Recruiting, Team building, etc.)

Take questions here and cover as much as possible. Schedule one-on-one time with your Top Producers to go over their specific needs. I wouldn’t normally go over an hour a week or so but this is up to you.

From these one-on-one meetings, you will get material and problems to address during your team trainings. Trust me; one person’s questions are not unique to just them.

I truly hope you understand the opportunity you have before you. If you set your opportunity up like a business and run it like the CEO, you will be rewarded like the CEO.

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Top 11 Marketing Tactics and Strategies For 2010

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There’s a lot to be learned from 2009, for small and large businesses alike. No industry was left unscathed in some way by our climbing-out-from-under economy. 2009 forced us to calibrate our marketing strategies and conform to new terrain. What is the biggest change? The consumer is now in the drivers seat. So how will marketing evolve in this year? What will be the the top marketing strategies and tactics for 2010?

1- Get on the Social Media bandwagon if you haven’t already!

In 2009, social media went mainstream, in 2010, we need to dig into the productive side of Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, YouTube and more. Learn the importance of building relationships and developing a social following. Implement programs that can successfully increase business. Create useful content that teaches, entertains and draws people in. Outline your plan of action and stick to it and be sure to dedicate internal resources to the effort.

2- Plan, Plan, Plan

Establish your marketing budget for 2010 and determine where it will be applied for the coming year. Evaluate and review your efforts for the past year. Analyze the performance of past campaigns, measure what worked and what did not work, and apply this information to your strategy and plan for 2010. Build a calendar to plan your schedule of initiatives and allocation of dollars across all media including online, email, print, broadcast, outdoor, direct mail, etc. Too much to handle right now? Start with the first quarter. Baby Steps. Plans can always be tweaked, reanalyzed and built upon.

3- Value Added

Consumers are increasingly demanding and selective and want more for less. What a coincidence, so do businesses! Come up with 3 ways to give more value to your customers without hurting the bottom line and while improving customer relations. Keep in mind, consumers are recognizing companies that care about the environment and those that get involved in charitable endeavors.

4- Get to know your customers — a lot better!

In order to provide services and products that are wanted, needed and revered, we need to understand the psychographics of the consumer. Customers do not want to be spoken at, they want to be spoke with. Implement new ways to create conversations with your customers and prospects. Engage the consumer through social media, customer service, events, email marketing, surveys and newsletters, and most importantly, in person.

5- Optimize your website

Time for a redesign? Time to update your content? Is your site easily read by both humans and search engines? It is now recommended that sites be updated as much as every 3 days in order to optimize it’s search capabilities! Is your site easy to navigate with a friendly user interface? Does it accurately reflect the image and attitude of your organization? Is it visibly pleasing to the eye with no clutter or confusion, or is there simply too much to read? Did you know users have a 6-second attention span before they click elsewhere? You want to gain attention to your site, encourage visitors to spend some quality time and sign up for correspondence. Make sure your site stands apart. Check out the competition. Offer the user something unique and different to win them over.

6- SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Websites in the top 5 search results are viewed as leaders of their industry. Furthermore, 80% of users click on the organic listings on page one. After you’ve completed #5 on this list should you proceed to implementing SEO tactics which will consistently deliver a huge return on investment. Hire an expert who has the tools and knowledge of what it takes to incorporate the best keyword usage, link building, and much more.

7- Google AdWords – PPC campaign

Google is Google for a reason. Search advertising works. Don’t underestimate what it can do to increase your business.

8- Publicize your website through article marketing

Article marketing is regarded by Internet marketing experts as one of the most effective promotional methods to publicize your website and to increase the number of back links (incoming links) to your website content. To ensure ongoing awareness, articles should be submitted to suitable article directories, content publishers, article announcement lists and content syndication (RSS feeds). Make sure to publish the content on your own website before submitting it to article directories and publishers. Make it easy for the reader to bookmark your content on social search engines by including a bookmark button at the end of each piece of content.

9- Grow your database

More names equals more customers. Here are some ways to grow your list:

1- Give something great away for free if they sign up- or give them instant savings.
2- Stage a contest – enter for a chance to win – people love to win.
3- Create a poll – get votes or opinions, which provides direct feedback and helps you serve your customers better.
4- Refer a friend and win X.

10- Mobile Marketing or SMS

90% of cell phone users look at their phone within 15 seconds of receiving a message. Why not make it your message? Chances are your customers interact more with their PDA or phone then they do with their computer. Mobile Marketing is permission based so your customer opts in and opts out. Using this method for exclusive specials is extremely effective and talks directly to people who want to hear from you. It’s measurable and it’s inexpensive. A marketing no-brainer.

11- Partnerships

Don’t underestimate the importance of partnerships. Integrating businesses marketing together is a win win. Is your store in a mall? See what types of events and sponsorships the mall is offering. Is your restaurant next door to a health club? Ask if you can hand out invitations or flyers to their members and visa versa. Ask your local publications, chamber, organizations, and associations how you can partner with them to get more exposure. Keep your eyes and mind open and continue to look to partner with those that bring a critical mass to the table.

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Cost Effective Small Business Marketing Strategies and Tips – Part 5

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In my last article on Cost Effective Marketing Strategies for small businesses I discussed how you can use Mass Media on a small budget very effectively. In this Part 5 article I will concentrate on Marketing Tactics, Customer Based Marketing and Important Marketing Elements.


Free Consultations: Provide a free half hour or hour long consultation to prospects giving them advice and information. Follow up in two days and ask for the sale. This tactic establishes you as an expert and even if the prospect doesn’t use your services, you will have a fantastic referral source (make sure you ask for referrals!).

–Power your Consultation with visual aids and demonstrations.
–Turn your Free Consults into testimonials.

Writing Articles: Being published as an Expert will bring you targeted, continuous business. Be sure to submit your articles online and back link to your Website. Your web traffic will increase exponentially. Then offer Free E-books on your Website to solidify the relationship. When prospects understand your expert status, they will give you business, as well as, refer you to others.

Seminars: Depending on your business having a FREE or Paid Seminar can be a great way to mine prospects. Again, this strategy works well as the Expert strategy and piggybacks well with Free Consultations, Articles and E-books. Free Seminars can be unpredictable, but a nominal fee Seminar can be enough to guarantee success. A nominal fee ensures the attendee will show, while providing a ton of value for the information provided. Be sure to video all your seminars and sell them on your website.

–Lecture / instruct for half an hour to forty five minutes, then open it up for questions. Wrap up the seminar at the hour mark. Have an area with coffee and sweets set up so you can network before and after the seminar.
–The goal is to get as many business cards and contact information as you can from the prospects. Follow with a mailed hand written note or a personal email within 24 hours. Then call the prospect a day later. Have the Seminar on a Tuesday and follow up Thursday or Friday via phone to set appointments for the next two weeks.
–Have two Seminars a month. Make them a little different so you can attract the same prospects again! Give your previous attendees a VIP Pass. If you don’t sell them the first round you’ll have a much better chance after the second seminar.
–Write a Book and your Seminar attendance will increase three fold. The more you can foster the Expert Status, the better your results will be.

Free Demonstrations: I love Free Demonstrations! I cut my teeth in Sales in my youth selling Electrolux Cleaning Systems (ok, so they were vacuums and dry cleaners). Selling a premium product which had a ton of value built in required a Free Demonstration. If I couldn’t sell the prospect in 45 minutes then I would leave the Cleaning System with them for two days and return at a prearranged time to pick it up. With a good financing package backing me up, I closed 8 out of 10!

–A Free Demonstration can also be short in front of a crowd and take orders afterward. Depends on the product you are selling.

Note: At Seminars and Mass Demonstrations, make sure you have plenty order takers and appointment setters on hand. You can’t be signing up prospects and talking to them at the same time!

Open House Events: Opening up your business to existing customers and prospects for a day every three months is an awesome way to solidify relationships and drum up more business. Have refreshments and employees staged in different areas explaining how the business works. You, the owner, mix and mingle and mine! Make sure each employee is schooled prior, to get business cards and contact information. Be sure to teach the employee to make notes on the prospects’ biz card or contact info so you have personalized means of future contact. Make sure you have a demonstration room for the serious prospects! Make sure you are fully staffed fro an Open House. All hands on deck event!

–Send Press Releases to local / regional publications and look for creative ways to advertise your Open House. There are loads of Free Online and Offline Event Directories. Use Social Networking!
–Social Online Networks such as Linked In, Facebook and Twitter can be excellent forums to getting out information about your Open House or other Company Events and News. See my Article on Internet Marketing for more details.

Trade Shows: I am not a huge fan of Trade Shows because many shows will have absolutely no merit for the money and time you spend. However, many businesses have been successful with Trade Shows because they figure out through research which ones really have qualified buyers and know little success secrets. Some Trade Show Keys to keep in mind:

–Always attend and research a show prior to your participation.
–Determine ways shows let you contact prospects before and after the show.
–Partner with a good Strategic Partner and share a large 20 foot booth together. This attracts attention and offers prospects the best solutions.
–Have “roamers” walking the show continuously handing out circulars and flyers, which pictorially show prospects where your booth is. Offer a Freebee or discount for the prospect to come to your booth. Require the prospect to register to receive the Freebee or Discount.
–Have Brochures available at your booth for the motivated prospects.
–Be sure to mine each prospect’s information and product / service interests. Don’t rely on them to contact you after the show.
–Visually demonstrate your product or service. Let prospects see the final solution.
–Have plenty of staff on hand to sell, take information and greet prospects.
–Big Signs, Big Graphics, Large Font, Video, Audio – these are all key in helping the prospect visualize / own your solution.
–Take lots of pictures and video so you can post to the web during the show to create a viral buzz.
–Always get a prospects email address so you can send them an Opt In for your Newsletter, Company Alerts, RSS, etc.
–Make sure all of your Staff is instructed to take notes on the prospects’ business card so you can jog your memory on the prospects’ relevance and importance.
–Direct Mail response rates to Tradeshow Participants can be as high as 20%, as compared to the average 2% response rate for a first mailing.
–Trade Shows can be a good way to kick off your penetration into a new market.
–If you are going to the expense of going to a Trade Show, be sure to run some advertising prior (with an incentive to come see you).

Newsletters: I think Newsletters (both offline and online) are an excellent information and sales tool. This goes hand in hand with the Expert Role, providing interested prospects valuable information, while having information on how to contact you or a web page to visit. Newsletters should be sent once per month with an expert article as the main focus. I like to have the article in the center of the Newsletter with a narrow column to either side with supporting information and resources. These side columns are great areas to partner with other businesses to offer more expert information and help. Be sure to feature your FREE half hour or hour consultation service on the Newsletter and any seminars, webinars or such coming up. The more you get into and use your Newsletter, the more exponential the results. And, please, write your own content! You are the Expert!

Write a Book: I’m not saying get in the book business. A book sets you apart as a bonafide Expert and gives you instant credibility. It is one of the best sales generator tools you can use! Two books that I have written, The Business Success Guide and The Comprehensive Business Plan Workbook – A Guide to Effective Business Planning, lend instant credibility to my experience as a Business Planner and Consultant. You can use Print on Demand Publishing to print books and drop ship to customers as they are ordered individually for a price of $10 – $14 per book. Get writing!

Speaking at Club Events: Being a featured speaker at a private club event can drive great business for you. Make sure to have a brochure and make sure to feature an easy to remember website address. Feature a special promotion for just the club attendees. Again, being a Club Speaker sets you up as the Expert and a fantastic way to advertise your articles, newsletters and books.


Having excellent relationships with your Customers is the absolute best way to get a steady flow of qualified prospects. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity for repeat, highly profitable business. Ask for referrals before, during and after a sale to build an excellent pipeline of business.

A Mentor Group
–Select a group of 4 – 6 business people you respect and have a mentorship meeting with them once per quarter. They will not only help you with the direction and success of your company, but also they will be an excellent source of highly qualified referrals. This type of referral gives you instant credibility.

Networking Clubs
–Join one that doesn’t have too many competitors and can send you your “ideal” client. You can spend all day needlessly and unproductively going to networking events. Choose a couple and go consistently. Bring valuable information and advice with you!

Who is Your Best Customer?
–Simple Answer: Your Customers! Understand that a satisfied customer is your best repeat customer, as well as, referral source. One satisfied customer can exponentially bring you increased sales. 60-79% of your Marketing Budget, or Emphasis, should be directed toward your existing customers. I said “or emphasis” since marketing to an existing customer can be quite cost effective. It costs 80% less to keep an existing customer as it is to land a new customer. Remember two things: Repeat Sales and Referrals. Between the two, your marketing plan is 70% covered, which minimizes the necessary cash out lay for the remaining 30% of your Marketing Budget.


Not all Marketing is about running an Ad Campaign or sending out a newsletter; rather, good marketing is also about running an effective business and doing things to strengthen your Marketing Plan. These elements will help you successfully pull together a cohesive, effective Marketing Plan.

Service: Service should always be #1. Service is not what you offer the customer but really more what the customer wants and wishes for. If you define your Service Policy around what your Customers” want, then your Marketing success will be exponential! Listen closely to what your customers want and provide the services to fill the gaps.

Why do Customers patronize a business? The five top reasons are:


Address all five elements in a Cohesive Marketing Plan, you will be successful. Remember that each builds on the other in the indicated order, so Price becomes less of a high or low question, and more of how it relates to the preceding four elements. You can also put Referrals on top of the list, as that instills Confidence and an expectation of Quality. Referral Business is the best business.

Public Relations:
Cost you little or nothing but can brand your business very effectively, giving you a well known Identity in your Market place. Free PR stories, articles and news clips can be extremely effective in establishing your Identity. You Marketing Programs will be much more effective when you have a well established Brand and Identity. Good publicity gives you credibility, stature and authority. However, bad publicity can quite harmful so it is very important to honestly and forth rightly address any bad publicity or dissatisfied customers. When submitting company news to the media, always send a story that is worth publicizing. Give them a reason to give you free publicity.

Put together a good Press Kit (hire a PR Pro if needed) and take the media person to lunch. Relate your Company story and hand over the Press Kit. You are 80% of the way there! Cultivate your media relations so get great broad exposure when you submit your news. Always give the media an angle – a reason to run your story. Become a Media Resource by giving your media contacts important information about industry changes or consumer tips or free business advice. It will come back to you three fold!

Remember, PR is all about creating a Buzz. Word of mouth, viral marketing can be extremely successful for your business if it is positive publicity. Social Networking can be a powerful way to spread publicity about a business. Remember to have a system and forum in place to address any bad publicity because viral marketing can really accentuate the negatives, very quickly!

Follow Up:
Most businesses lose customers and momentum when they stop following up and being in contact with Customers. Marketing really begins after the sale; Marketing is a continuous cycle. Stay in front of customers with handwritten notes, newsletters, email tips, phone calls, specials, discounts and most importantly, asking them for referrals. Provide your customers news about your business as it occurs to keep them connected to you. Form and keep that bond – it is the future of your Company!

Word of Mouth:
Word of Mouth advertising can be very effective if you figure out where else your clients conduct business. Then partner with those businesses to effectively self-promote and spread the word. It is a win-win for both companies as you are more effectively satisfying your customers’ needs.

Competitive Edge:
All the Marketing in the world will be ineffective if you don’t have an Edge or Advantage to offer your prospects compared to the Competition. Remember, it isn’t solely about price. It is matching benefits, advantages, service quality and value with a fair price that helps you beat out the competition. Your Marketing should stress your Competitive Advantages – don’t wait to express them during your sales presentation. Competitive Edge should be the center point of any Marketing Plan.

20-30 Seconds:
This is normally how long you have to interest a prospect. So it is vitally important to be able to clearly communicate your offering and advantage very quickly and succinctly whether it is through a Marketing piece or when in person with a prospect. The first 10-15 seconds is critical. This is when you peek enough interest to listen to why doing business with you is a must. Always keep the presentation (whether through Marketing or in person) personal to the prospect and personal to you. There should be a common sales presentation theme throughout all your Marketing Programs, Advertising Pieces, Personal Contacts, Telephone Calls, Emails – any and all contact with prospects.

Guarantee / Warranty:
Both are see through, hollow promises unless you have something credible and real backing them up. This says to your prospects that you believe 100% in your product and service. Don’t use it unless it is genuine! Show what your customer satisfaction will be or look like, make it real to the prospect.

Develop your Brand through strong Identity Marketing. Good branding can only be achieved with consistent, widespread Marketing through a cross section of related advertising mediums. Commonality of Marketing Themes throughout all your Marketing Platforms goes a long way toward establishing your business identity and brand. With that platform in place, use Viral Social Networking to spread your brand globally.

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The Importance of an Online Marketing Blog

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There are many ways to market an online business, but few are as successful as an online marketing blog. With a website, it is possible to reach a large number of potential customers who are interested in buying from the business. But, a marketing blog can bring in an entire community of people who keep coming back and finding out about what else the business has to offer.

Benefits of Blog Marketing

Using blog marketing isn’t just about attracting traffic to the online marketing blog. It’s also about bringing traffic to the business that keeps the marketing blog. There is often a main website that is separate from the blog. The blog then brings in interested readers and directs them to the main marketing website.

An online marketing blog can be counted on to interest people who want to hear the latest news about the company and the items that it sells. A successful blog will bring in customers who never would have heard about the business without the blog posts that describe the business and its benefits.

Benefits of a Corporate Blog

A corporate blog gives a personal face to a company that may otherwise seem like an impersonal concept. A company that uses its online marketing blog to cultivate a regular readership can develop a loyal following of people who are interested in buying from the business. Some will subscribe to the blog and will get all the latest messages from the company.

Marketing messages can be posted in the form of informational articles with company news and information interspersed. This keeps the blog posts useful to customers as well as useful as a marketing tool to the business.

Bloggers Add Content to the Blog

Who will do the blogging on an online marketing blog is often the biggest question for online businesses. Some companies go to a professional blogger to handle the company’s business blogging. Other companies use content syndication to fill in the blog’s content with fresh material frequently. With a blog that is frequently updated, its page rank will be better and the blog will be read by more people.

An online marketing blog can also be integrated onto a company’s existing marketing website. This can raise the page rank of the website, thanks to frequent updating. It also makes it easier for customers to go from the blog to the other pages on the website to find out more about the company and its product.

Direct Horizon Business Development Group has over 50 years of technical experience behind it’s business practices. Whether it’s web design, content creation, content distribution, point of sale systems, traffic and conversion tracking, PPC or custom software, Direct Horizon Business Development Group is the one you want to call.

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Social Network Marketing Ramps Up Your Success

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Online marketing has grown considerably in the last few years. New marketing methodologies and techniques have enabled affiliate marketers, companies and individual entrepreneurs to penetrate many new areas on the Internet.

One of the most powerful tools available for anyone in need of marketing is social network marketing. What is this type of marketing?

Social networks have taken the world by storm. Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are just the tip of the iceberg here. These networks allow individuals to connect with people all around the world, to remain in contact with far-flung friends and family, as well as making new friends.

However, social networks can also be valuable assets to marketers. How can this work? Consider Facebook, for example:

Facebook is currently the most popular social network online. This website has millions of users every day. In addition, the website makes a number of marketing tools available to marketers. Fan pages are free tools that can be used for a variety of different purposes, for example.

Creating a fan page for a product, a company, a band, an artist or an author takes only minutes, but it can have a powerful impact on marketing. By creating such a fan page, you can begin interacting with your customers and clients on an immediate basis.

Through status updates, you are able to alert those who subscribe to your page about new initiatives, new deals and news concerning your product or organization.

In addition, you will find that when people “fan” your profile, Facebook automatically shows that to their friends. This allows others to join the cause and increases your brand recognition considerably.

Another tool on for social network marketing on Facebook is the creation of Facebook ads. These can be static ads that entice consumers to visit your profile, or they can be more interactive. Facebook gives you the ability to create polls, quizzes and ask questions through your ads.

Users can interact with these polls and quizzes directly from their profile page. In addition, this allows you to gain access to a tremendous amount of direct consumer information. You can easily determine consumer preferences, interests, likes and dislikes that can be invaluable in your marketing and product development.

Of course, MySpace can also be used for social network marketing. While this network is no longer the top name on the Internet, it can still offer numerous benefits. You will find that MySpace offers many of the same tools that Facebook does, though Facebook’s offerings are a bit more advanced and somewhat more effective. However, if your target demographic is youth, then you cannot go wrong by marketing on MySpace.

There are numerous other ways that social network marketing can be useful to you. For instance, using Twitter, you can easily build a network of connections that will enhance your marketing, enabling you to reach further, faster. Twitter is a great tool for sharing small bits of information with your followers, or for directing interest to a webpage, a blog or even another social network, such as your MySpace of Facebook page.

When used in conjunction with other social network marketing methods, this can ensure that you have the viable, dynamic marketing options you need to ensure future growth and profitability. Social media is the future for marketing – getting onboard now ensures you remain on the leading edge of the industry.

Hi, my name is David. As an avid entrepreneur, I have always aspired to advance my career in any manner possible. I invite you to benefit from my experience and learn how to avoid mistakes so you would not waste time and start making money online as soon as possible.

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Target Marketing – 4 Simple Steps to Earn a Fortune With Target Marketing

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Before understanding who your market is, you need to specify a target market. Just choosing a niche is not good enough. You need to become a specialist in a certain area of your niche.

Let’s say you’re in the dog training niche. You can’t necessarily attack the entire dog training niche. You need to pick a certain area and stick with it, like dog training supplies. This way you can set the standard for your specialty. Once you have your specifications, you are ready to understand your market.

When you’re an internet marketer, your prime focus should be on understanding your target market. When you dive into a niche, you must first understand who you are selling to, what they are looking for or what they need, why they need this and any other questions to help you better understand who these people are.

Understanding these potential customers will allow you to outline your business and direct it at them, Things like: Are you going satisfy their basic needs with your product or service? Are you going to solve a problem they may have? Is your product or service going to make them feel good about themselves in some way?

These are questions you need to ask yourself about your business, products and services to help you direct yourself at the proper targeted market.

Here are 4 crucial steps for understanding your target market:

Target Marketing Step # 1: Know Your Keywords.

Understanding and knowing the keywords your target market is using can be ultimately beneficial. Knowing how and why these people search for what you are selling allows you to use every keyword and phrase as they do. This will have your articles, blogs and websites popping up everywhere they try to search.

When they are searching for something, especially a product or service, and they see 20 different articles, blogs and sites pointing at one thing, they begin to believe this is the authority on the subject. If you look like the authority to your market, they will keep coming back to you.

Target Marketing Step # 2: Talk To Your Audience.

Simply talking to your potential customers is a great and direct way to find out exactly what they want. This can be easily accomplished by searching around forums in your niche. Just search “your niche forums” in any search engine and plenty of them will pop up.

Look around these forums and see what people are talking about, what their problems are, and what they want.

You can even start up conversations and ask the public what they are looking for, and how someone could make it better or easier for them to acquire. You can set up a survey on your site, and then ask your visitors and subscribers to give their opinion.

This same thing can be accomplished by reading over some blogs in your niche, commenting on them and asking questions.

Target Marketing Step # 3: Keep Your Friends Close And Your Opponents Closer.

At this point, you are starting to understand who your target market is, what they want or need, and you’ve gotten a good idea of how you’re going to help them.

Now you need to look at your competition. See what your competition is offering to the public. Pay attention to how they are offering it and how the public is reacting to what they are doing.

This way you can keep an eye on what the public is responding to, and model your business to fit what they are looking for. This can also give you a leg up in general because you can see what your competition is doing, hopefully before too many targeted customers do, and one up them. See what they’re doing and do it better.

Target Marketing Step # 4: Motivate Your Audience.

By now, you knowing who your target audience is and how to grab their attention. The next step is to motivate them to use your service or buy your product. You can do this in a few ways.

Presenting your product or service as rare can make them feel like they might miss out on this amazing opportunity if they don’t act now. Giving away something for free, like helpful information, can instill a sense of obligation. Your prospects will feel like they should give something back since you’ve given something to them.

Limit the options your potential customers have. Sometimes people are presented with too many choices and they become confused; and nine times out of ten they fail to make a decision at all.

Understanding your market doesn’t have to be hard. Simply dig in and get to the people. Ask them questions; get involved in what they are doing and feeling.

All of this will help you understand how to conduct your business in such a way that attracts the exact buying customers you are looking for – from listening to their problems and finding a solution, to outmaneuvering your competition, and finally motivating your target audience to buy and buy from you.

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How to Save the Day – Budget For Email Marketing

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Okay, Mighty Mouse. Get your cape out and get out there.

Show them…your marketing group…how to save the day. How, single-handedly, they can rescue their company from old-fashioned marketing techniques that are draining the company coffers and not producing a demonstrable ROI. Show them how they can pay less, risk less, measure better, and profit more…by committing more of their budget to email marketing.

This, Mighty Mouse, I can assume, is your pitch?

Ladies and gentlemen of the marketing team, before you look at how to budget for email marketing, you probably want to fully grasp why you should budget for it.

Especially right now. Hello…there’s a recession going on.

Which…is exactly why you should budget…more…for email marketing. Whether you have a $100,000 marketing budget, or a $10,000 marketing budget, putting a good chunk of your available dollars into email marketing makes better sense now than it ever has.

Are you…or your organizational hierarchy…having problems moving away from traditional marketing methods…direct mail, trade shows, flyers, and the other old ways of getting more customers, or getting your current customers to buy more? If so, consider a few facts:

Fact #1: Forrester Research, an independent market and research company founded in 1983, projects that “e-commerce sales in the U.S. will keep growing at a 10 percent compound annual growth rate through 2014.” It forecasts “online retail sales in the U.S. will be nearly $250 billion, up from $155 billion in 2009. Last year, online retail sales were up 11 percent, compared to 2.5 percent for all retail sales.”
Fact #2: Email marketing is a very cost-effective way to build relationships and increase sales. The cost of sending emails is very low. There are marketing service plans available for $20-$25 a month. Using a template, on average it will probably take about 5 hours to put together a newsletter, banner and/or ad. At $20 an hour, that’s what…$100. At $50 an hour, you’ve spent $250. Let’s say you have 2500 email subscribers…or potential email subscribers in your customer base. You’ve just created a new product line and you’re ready to launch. Using email, you’ll pay between 5 and 11 cents to deliver your advertisement. Now, a quick calculation for direct mail. First class postage alone… $1100, plus the $100 to $250 to write and design the advertisement using a template, plus paper and printing…and stuffing the envelopes…minimum 60 to 75 cents. Which genius in the marketing department wants to describe the most cost-effective advertisement? Even if you use bulk mail and post cards, the cost/benefit analysis strongly favors email delivery.
Fact #3: Email results are visible…quickly. That $20 to $25 a month you pay for marketing services also includes the statistics that show you how successful your campaign is…open rate, click through rate, purchase results, and more. You can test variable components and make adjustments…quickly. No reprints, 2nd mailing or any of the other costs associated with a direct mail campaign not working according to plan.
So, now that you know why you should budget for email marketing, the how to budget for it really isn’t that difficult, is it?

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