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Home Based Direct Sales Business

Jun 06 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Is it possible to make money on the internet through home based direct sales and network marketing? If you are motivated and get the right training, the answer is absolutely!

Do you know anyone who doesn’t shop on the internet? If so, you are one in a million. From homemade quilts to real estate, every possible product is bought and sold on the world wide web. If you are looking for a home business that will bring quick money with little or no investment, this is it. Unlike brick and mortar stores, your home based direct sales business can be started with no cash investment and inventory. All it takes is your hard work and determination.

Even so, it’s hard to make a living a buck at a time, and that’s how most merchants try to do it. The secret to achieving incredible wealth through a home based direct sales business is two-fold. First, you have to establish sources of residual income. This is income that you earn through no work of your own. The fastest and most lucrative source of residual income on the internet is through network marketing–that is, introducing other people to your product and inspiring them to sell it for you.

The second secret to establishing wealth beyond your dreams is by finding the right group of successful marketers and getting them to train and mentor you. An experienced marketer can show you how to get your own home based direct sales business off the ground and how to help it soar. Only someone with a track record of success and sales can direct you to getting your own success and sales, so choose wisely. Your business depends on it!

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What Is a MLM, Direct Selling, and Network Marketing?

Jun 05 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

MLM (Multi Level Marketing) and Direct Selling fall under the bigger umbrella of Network Marketing – It is one of the most powerful home based business mediums today. However, the general public’s lack of understanding and the misconceived and tainted reputation of MLM often precede it because of several illegal pyramid schemes that have come about.

MLM and network marketing is a means to distribute products and services and is actually a huge, $100 million dollar industry. It evolved from the basic concept of a door-to-door salesman to what it is today and direct selling has never been the same. The Amway Safeguard Rule was what set the legal standard to ensure that the Federal Trade Commission rules are followed, in response to the pyramid scheme outbreak of the 70′s and it also ensures the validity of the business opportunity through three important points. These points look into requirements such as the retail sale of the products and services to qualify for any recruiting commissions and /or sales, a mechanism in place to avoid over stocking of inventory without the intention of reselling and the opportunity for a buy back provision for unsold, undamaged and unopened inventory from the representatives who choose to leave.

With the above mentioned criterion in place, an MLM and direct sales fall into distinct sub categories under network marketing. Both are very accessible ways to start a legitimate home based business that can potentially start earning a substantial amount of income. It is also a flexible avenue to operate a business on a part-time basis that has the potential to develop into a full-blown operation, which translates to more income. In addition to this, an MLM is usually very easy to set up and it requires minimal start-up capital and operating expenses.

Some experts have gone as far as saying that 10 million millionaires will arise through network marketing in a span of 10 years. Even then, records have also shown that home based businesses have an unusually high failure rate of 95%. Statistics have also shown that network marketing failures including those who are home based businesses, quit within the first ninety days. This contributes much to the failure rate. Although had they stuck it out with the passion and daringness, then the first ninety days can be treated as a learning period to build their business and continue on. Given this, thousands upon thousands still choose to put up their home based business everyday. This is because of the chance to hit and be part of the 5% success rate and into the very enticing millionaires’ circle.

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If Real Estate Licenses Came With Marketing Degrees

Jun 04 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Most real estate agents are not marketing experts. They did not get into real estate on their way to a lucrative marketing career. In fact many agents don’t know anything about marketing and so they just do things as they have always been done. And the way it has always been done in real estate is with image advertising. This is not news. It is an obvious fact that can be found by simply looking around your own neighborhood and in your own mailbox.

One of the major aspects of image advertising employed by real estate agents is the large color photo of themselves. When I see these kinds of ads and signs, with the agent’s picture being the most prominent thing in them, I wonder why I should care what they look like. I know this will sound harsh to many of you that are currently using this kind of advertising, but I am not sure how my real estate agent being photogenic will help them sell my home. I consider myself to be an average consumer. And as such, for me to pick up the phone and call the phone number off of any advertising, I need to see the benefit to me. I don’t see any benefit to me in these ads.

So if image advertising is not the way to go, what is? Direct response advertising. With a direct response ad you give people a reason to pick up the phone and call you. You can compel people to dial into a call capture hotline with any number of benefits to them. The key is that you offer them something of value such as a coupon, a free report, or a free home evaluation. People are much more likely to call an agent that is offering them a free report on “10 Tips To Selling Your Home Fast” than they are an agent that is only offering them a nice smile.

The other important thing that you can do in a direct response ad is set yourself apart from the competition. This kind of marketing is perfect for yellow pages ads. If you look at the ads that are usually running in the phone book, they all look the same. What is going to compel someone to choose you over all the other agents in there? If you use the standard image advertising approach, there is nothing there to get the consumer to pick up the phone and call you. However, if you have a direct response ad that immediately grabs their attention and tells the consumer what you are going to offer them (a FREE report for example) and how to get it (by calling your 24/7 toll free call capture hotline) you set yourself apart from all the other agents in the book.

Direct response advertising also has one more major advantage over image advertising. You can’t track image advertising. Image advertising has its place and that is in businesses that have the time and resources that are necessary to have people recognize their name or logo on sight. Real estate agents usually do not fall into that category. They are working with tighter budgets and shorter timelines. They need to know if the ads they are using are working now, what their return on investment is, and what ads need to be scrapped. This can all be accomplished with direct response advertising. Direct response advertising, when done correctly, has a call to action built in that when acted on, can be tracked using call capture technology. This allows real estate agents to really see what is working for them and what is not.

Most real estate agents are not marketing gurus. When they got their real estate license it did not come with a degree in marketing. So it is understandable that most agents just do things the way they have always been done when it comes to advertising. Unfortunately, that is image advertising. If you want to compel people to call you, stand out from your competition and be able to track your results from your advertising efforts, direct response marketing is the way to go.

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The Exploding World Market – Share The Fortunes Being Made Through Online Direct Marketing

Jun 03 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

The advent of the internet and other social network media has now made it possible for the average person involved in direct sales to take advantage of opportunities in an exploding world market while sitting at their computers at home.

Even though the U.S has maintained its lead as the world’s number one marketplace in direct sales volume and sales force size with approximately $28.33 billion in annual sales and a sales force of more than 16 million consultants, overseas markets are very aggressively challenging that lead.

Japan, the world’s second-biggest direct selling market boasts almost US$23 billion in annual sales with a sales force close to 3 million. Much has been written about Japan and the “Four Tigers” of Asia: Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea as they position themselves to share in the wealth of a world populated by 6,800,500,000 (approximately 6.8 billion) humans.

China, however, with a population of 1,354,370,754 (approximately 1.35 billion) has become everyone’s focus of attention. For this reason, companies like Amway, Avon and Mary Kay are realizing billions of dollars in annual sales in China alone. eBay Marketplace has created a powerful online platform for the sale of goods and services by individuals and small businesses.

Internet Marketing has become an extremely important sales tool simply because there are so many people on the Internet today. As a matter of fact, there are more web-pages than there are people in the world.

Individuals who desire to take advantage of MLM opportunities in this exploding world market have many options, even if they feel intimidated by computer technology. Now stay-at-home moms and dads who consider themselves computer illiterate can earn incomes that are unimaginable. The first step is to identify a direct-sales organization that markets products that you are able to market with confidence.

Secondly, determine whether or not the company markets those products globally. If the products are just as attractive internationally as they are domestically, they should not be difficult to sell–perhaps even easier in some instances.

Thirdly, I strongly suggest that the person take advantage of marketing tools that provide the technical and practical knowledge needed to market products via the Internet. These tools make it easy for those in direct sales to take advantage of Internet Marketing without being technical savvy themselves. Believe it or not, the cost is very reasonable, even for those on fixed incomes. Technology has provided network marketers with a unique passport to a world waiting to purchase their products. The playing field has been leveled for virtually any and everyone who desires to participate.

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Direct Selling Certification Enhances Competence and Credibility For Direct Sellers

Jun 02 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

The Direct Selling Industry (aka network marketing, MLM, etc.) does not require any kind of licensing to operate as an independent contractor of a direct selling company. Certification is not mandatory, nor is it required for success in this industry. However, throughout the industry, leaders and organizations are continually striving to support self regulation and compliance to high ethical standards within their organization.

A major challenge for any leader or organization is the fact that there is not licensing requirements and so many people are running around misinformed or non-informed about how to truly achieve success in this industry and still maintain a high professional standard in all that they do.

Certification (even through a voluntary participation) helps set higher standards, enhancing competence and building upon credibility for the independent direct seller as a professional in this industry. This not only benefits the individual direct seller, but also benefits the company they represent and the whole Direct Selling Industry.

Keep in mind that Certification is not licensing, nor is it equivalent to getting a college degree. But it is a formal higher education that helps you position yourself as a professional marketer in the Direct Selling Industry.

The fact is, when you learn, understand, and apply the universal fundamentals taught through a certification course, you will enhance your competence of the industry and how to succeed based on high professional standards, which creates an extra element of credibility for you in the marketplace.

Certification may not be desired by everyone, nor is it a requirement of the industry. However, if you desire to work as a professional in this industry, maintaining high ethical standards, and achieve greater sustainable success, we highly recommend getting certified. While company specific training is critical to your knowledge of the products and company you represent, getting certified from a Direct Selling Industry specific school provides you with the critical universal fundamentals required for sustainable success.

Certification can provide an extra element of credibility, a stronger level of competence, and even a core element of formal education. This will position you and your people as professional marketers and as leaders that effectively produce stronger exponential growth, curbing the attrition in your organization, so you create a happier, more productive, and duplicating organization.

Certification is not only important for the individual marketer, but is also important for the leadership of an organization. By getting certified, the leadership can help lead their team by example and with action that meets the ethical standards of a true professional in the industry. As a leader, when your team is certified, you will find people will get their job quicker and more efficiently because they know what to do and are confident in what they are doing – because they are certified.

Further, certification provides an indicator of the commitment level of your people. Those who continue through advanced and graduate level certification will be strengthening their own skills and abilities to not only competently get their job done as a marketer, but more importantly, will gain the insight and accreditation as a leader who will be able to build a more massive organization in a work smart way, so the organization is more productive and duplicating.

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