Direct Marketing: Is There Any Proof of Its Effectiveness?

Customers are the blood and veins of every business. Without them you will not exist. The challenge of every business owners is on how they will increase the number of their customers and gain the loyalty of the existing ones. There is a way to do these things. You just need time, dedication, and goal to succeed in direct marketing. One way of achieving success is, knowing your customers well. As much as possible try to know the names of your customers, addresses, marital status, special preferences, and many other important details that are helpful. After knowing all of this information, segregate them into groups and start launching your campaign.Though there are still business owners who doubt the effectiveness of having direct mail campaigns, below are statistics that can prove them wrong.As stated in the Postal and Email Marketing Report done by Direct Marketing Association (DMA) in 2005:1. Direct marketers realized that by using postal mailings, it made an increase of their up-front gross response rate from the year 2002 to 2003 by 43 %2. During 2004, postal mailings helped in having a stable response rate of 32% and a projected response rate of 51%3. IN 2003, a list of techniques for postal mailers was introduced to improve front-end response. These techniques were internal house file database (50%), segmentation of location (50%), and prior mail history analysis (46%). A tremendous 80% or higher success rate on almost all techniques was made known.2004 E-commerce Report from Direct Marketing Association (DMA):1. A 74% to 85% increase to those companies who have used an in-house email marketing.2. In the year 2002 only 35% were allocated for web and email marketing investment compared to the 43% in the year 2004.Almost everyday top calibers in the direct marketing industry create, analyze, and develop new ideas and strategies on how to have a successful direct mail campaign. They also create database list and direct mail advertisement in accordance to the needs of a selected group of prospect clients. They had made history and did create a record of 70% accuracy most of the time.So basing on these statistics, though a bit old, are you now more convinced that direct mail marketing actually works. History has witnessed how it helped businesses soar great heights. Do you want to be a part of that history too?

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