How to Thrive With These Direct Sales Tips

Direct Sales Tips

15.1 Million U.S. Distributors. That is according to the DSA (Direct Sales Association). Of these people there are those who absolutely thrive in this industry and then there are those who never make a dollar.

Here, I am going to offer up 4 of the most crucial Direct Sales Tips to have you hit the ground running and be profitable FAST.

• Direct Sales Tips #1: THIS IS A BUSINESS and should be treated as such.

Look, I don’t care what opportunity you are involved in or what your product is. The number one objective is for you to move product. The beauty of this Industry is that you have the ability to make money from those on your team.

So, just like any business on the planet, you need to build a sales organization, MANAGE your team and teach them how to duplicate your business. Being a good leader will have a profound impact on your income.

It’s great if you are a producer, but if you can replicate your success through others your income will take a quantum leap. This is literally the difference between making $50k per year and $500k per year.

• Direct Sales Tips #2: Systems & Leverage. If you owned a McDonald’s, your job would be to sell as much beef, potatoes and sugar water as possible. Who do you think would do a better job:

The person who takes the order, cooks the food, serves the customer, & cleans the restaurant? Or, is it the person who hires a manager and a full staff so the place runs like a McDonald’s that you and I know?

Obviously you know it’s the second person. If this is so obvious, why do you operate your Direct Sales business like the first person?

You need to capitalize on systems that allow you to market to, sell to and recruit new distributors while you’re doing other things. A prospect should be able to go through your entire system and either qualify themselves or disqualify themselves before you ever pick up the phone.


• Direct Sales Tips #3: Leadership/Training. You and I could talk for hours about Leadership alone, but for the purposes of this discussion I’m going to relate leadership specifically to training.

You have to understand that EVERYONE who comes in to your organization is going to want your time and your knowledge. Even if that recruit is your very first recruit, YOU are the EXPERT in their eyes.

And, I’m going to tell you right now not to jump through hoops for all of your recruits and you’re going to take that advice and throw it away. I know how you feel, especially in the beginning. You feel like your entire business rises and falls with EVERY recruit that comes through your system…IT DOESN’T!

The mark of a true professional is to have automated systems set up that your recruits can go through as often as they want. Systems that cover the usual questions…what is this? How do I get started? What’s the best method? Etc, etc.

Think of yourself when you came into this industry or your particular opportunity, what questions did you have? What would have been helpful to you? Take care of all of this upfront and do it in a format that doesn’t require your time.

Something like a recorded webinar or a Camtasia presentation. Then, you can hold weekly TEAM trainings via Webinars or conference calls that cover BUSINESS related issues (Marketing, Advertising, Recruiting, Team building, etc.)

Take questions here and cover as much as possible. Schedule one-on-one time with your Top Producers to go over their specific needs. I wouldn’t normally go over an hour a week or so but this is up to you.

From these one-on-one meetings, you will get material and problems to address during your team trainings. Trust me; one person’s questions are not unique to just them.

I truly hope you understand the opportunity you have before you. If you set your opportunity up like a business and run it like the CEO, you will be rewarded like the CEO.

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