What is Network Marketing? – Part 1 of 2

I recently posted an article titled “why not network marketing” in that article I demonstrated some misconceptions about network marketing. The truth is most of the general public has only heard the term network marketing in passing and actually knows very little if nothing about the network marketing industry or the opportunities of network marketing. I am writing these articles to clear the fog so to speak most of the information out there is hearsay or things people just simply made up. Will Rogers once said “it’s not wont you don’t know it’s what you do know that just ain’t so” meaning that most of the information transmitted from person to person is assumed to be true when in fact most of that information is made up. I am not going to address this from the point of misconceptions that would take up volumes and you probably don’t have all day to read about things that are not true. Instead I am going to address the facts about network marketing directly which will enable you to sort out the truth.Network marketing is referred to by several terms MLM, direct marketing and network marketing are the most popular terms. By far network marketing is the most accurate term used especially today. Network marketing is exactly that marketing through a network to a network of customers. The power of the many versus the power of the few to define the word network or networking is simple it’s really nothing more than communication within a connected group of people. The ability to communicate successfully determines how successful someone will be in networking. The term communication is not just about being able to talk to people it’s about being able to transmit ideas to others. Look at what figures like Gandhi and others who were able to transmit ideas to others have accomplished. It’s important to understand that network marketing doesn’t just market physical things but ideas and services as well. The ability to transmit ideas is absolutely essential if you’re going to empower people that come into your opportunity after you do.The other word marketing is the foremost reason why most people who fail in network marketing fail. Thousands of people join network marketing opportunities but know little or even nothing about marketing. Marketing is not simply marketing your particular product or service it’s not that simple. Marketing also requires communication you cannot meet a person’s needs without first listening to what those needs are. The other communication that is needed is demonstrating a solution to a problem. Marketing is also a continual process whereby you provide a service but do so as the environment for that product changes. Marketing is an ever changing industry it’s also a billion dollar industry.The other reason most people fail in network marketing is they don’t remain focused. Most of the highly successful figures in history didn’t get lucky it took hard work and discipline to get where they did. In fact many of them became successful just beyond where they were going to give up. Think about that the next time you don’t complete a task and look at the task and ask yourself if you had remained steadfast would you have succeeded. Nothing is easy in this world especially success.The next and most possibly the most powerful reason people are successful or not. The mind set of someone is what brings about success it’s about being content with who you are within yourself first. Money is not what makes you successful it’s a byproduct of being that way. Money can’t buy happiness, happiness comes from within you. You can’t make people like you even if your rich but if you glow of happiness you become a magnet and people seek you out success comes to you. You don’t catch it.

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